December 18 – Sondersdorf and Alkirch

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December 18 – Sondersdorf and Alkirch

I am out of commission this morning. Everyone else is going to an Abby close by in Switzerland. And I am seeing nothing more than this room and the room with the porcelain bowl next door. Later.

I ventured back downstairs around 2pm as everyone was finishing up their lunch. Or so I thought. Because there is a language barrier here, funny things happen when I am not around to interpret. So, the table is often set with little wrapped desserts to decorate – especially around the holidays. However, Mme S. forgot to put them on the table before they started with their appetizers and first course. So, when she saw that the chocolates were missing when they went to go get the main dish of fish, she put them on the table. However, because my family didn’t really understand what was happening and are severely out of the France customs of a big lunch, all three of my Canadian family went ahead and ate their chocolate desserts…about 2 minutes before I had to visit my porcelain friend again and saw that the main course had, in fact, not yet been served. Lol. So they all ate their main course after they ate their chocolates. It was pretty awesome. There are LOTS of courses per meal in France. Just always remember that! J 20161218_175158

I decided I would try and venture out of the house in the late afternoon to go to Alkirch to listen to a children’s chorus from Strasbourg perform in the local church. The town was beautifully decorated for the Christmas season. Beautiful garlands around doors with little twinkly lights in the trees. Cute little window boxes with wooden ornaments made every house look decorated. Things that were so simple and clean-cut – and very uncommercialized. It was lovely. The only thing that made me laugh was that at the end of their downtown pedestrian street there was a large imported skating rink. So people could rent skates and skate around while little wooden shacks around sold Gluhwine and snacks and nuts. It was still spectacular, though.

The children’s chorus was honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever heard in my life. I am so glad I went. It was wonderful. It was in a beautiful church at the end of the walking street. The area was very busy, but the concert itself was not attended by that many people. There were maybe 25 kids altogether and the oldest may have been 14 years old. There was basically no p1000096accompaniment for the first half as the only instrument playing was a harp. And the music the harp was playing was often another tune than the one the children were singing. They sang such lovely, and challenging harmonies to completely untraditional Christmas songs that it sounded more like beautiful Gregorian chants than Christmas songs. It was really wonderful. In the second half, the children sang up with the organ. The sound filled the church and was very wonderfully done. I was very impressed and very glad that I was able to attend. Definitely one of the top “Christmas Concerts” I have ever attended.20161218_175511

I still wasn’t able to eat dinner. But I am sure it was awesome. My plan is to be better by tomorrow! We are doing a bunch of driving. So that would be nice!




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