Houston Day 1

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Friday, May 5

Mom and I arrived in Houston without any issues around 8pm on a direct flight from Calgary. This month is crazy busy with flights, so it is best if they are all issue-free as possible from the beginning.

Mom had a shuttle booked to drive us from the airport all the way downtown to our hotel, which was a good thing as it is really far. What was impressive was that downtown was a ghost town when we arrived. We could not believe how quiet the centre of the city was at 9 at night on a Friday, in what we Calgarians would consider to be really warm weather! There was an important basketball game happening, so our driver said that is why it was so quiet…but if there was a Hockey game in Calgary I know it wouldn’t have been as quiet as it was here!

The bonus was that we had no issues checking in at our Hampton Inn and walking down past the Discovery Park area to find a restaurant called Grotto. They had heated outdoor dining, which is pretty much mandatory for us on holidays (the being outside, not the heated part!). Apart from having amazing food choices, they had the most amazing Belinis I have ever had. They were amazing.

Definitely a great way to end the evening and the work week!



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