Houston Day 4

Travel, United States

Monday, May 8th

I start work later today, so we didn’t want to do anything too crazy today. We got all packed and organized, checked out of this hotel and checked into the other hotel before heading out for the day. We had some clothes on hold at Dress Barn, so went to quickly pick those up…and it ended up taking about 3 hours by the time we did more damage in Radio Shack and trying things on! We were planning on going to the Galleria, which is the best shopping mall in Houston with a cool waterfall and everything, but it just didn’t make sense to get all stressed about it. And, besides, we had both already done too much shopping for our little carry-ons!

We borrowed the B cycles again and cycled a bit on the other side of the bayou for a change. I am so impressed with all of the cycling and walking paths in this city. Definitely exceeded expectations.

Before work started we headed back to our great restaurant from our first night, Grotto in order to have a couple of happy hour belinis to get me started!

It was a great warm and relaxing weekend!!

Until next time!



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