Travel Back Thursday – Home

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Growing up we would cycle around the reservoir all of the time. Even now I am pretty sure my mom goes around the reservoir almost daily in the summer.

Because Heritage Park is along the pathway, when we were younger, my sister and I with our friends from up the street, would jump on our bikes and ride the six kilometers to the Park for the day. It was great because we didn’t have to cross any roads to get there – and the annual pass at Heritage Park included breakfast.

Now, I still live close to the Fishcreek/Glenmore reservoir pathways, so it is great to be able to ride around the reservoir to go to meetings at Heritage Park and just for the sake of “going around the res”.

Reservoir Aug 2014-2


Travel Back Thursday – Huge

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July Long weekend 2014 we were able to attend a wedding at Norquay. The location was amazing and it made the weekend into a great little trip.nature043-huge

Shawn and I like camping and were definitely not interested in staying in a fancy hotel for the nights before and after the wedding. Since it was a long weekend, we decided we would do some camping and actually make a holiday out of the four nights.

We camped in Banff for the first two nights and then went to Lake Louise for the second two nights. It was a great way to extend the event into a whole weekend.  And the bonus is that we got in some great hiking too!

Travel Back Thursday – Sailing

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When I was younger our family had a small sailboat that we used to sail on the glenmore reservoir. It was really fun but it was always hard to get out enough.

Dad has been going on a boys sailing trip every September for as long as I can remember, so he definitely enjoys it as well.allisonplus015-sailing

We were able to borrow a sail boat from the nearby sailing club in Sidney so we could float around for a bit. We pretty much made it out to the condo and back again.  It wasn’t a very warm sailing day.

Travel Back Thursday – Family

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My dad turned 60 a couple of years ago and to celebrate, the family went to Kenya. We had everything all planned out, but on the day of our flights, I decided I needed to make matching T-shirts.  I love to plan ahead, so the fact that this had not occurred to me prior to 5 hours before we had to leave was rather unfortunate.

The chaos I created making these shirts happen was absolutely ridiculous. In between patient appointments, I called a couple of places to see if they could have shirts done by 2:30pm that day. Pretty much everyone said no – except a place on White Ave (I lived in Edmonton at the time). I came up with a big long saying that would be on the front and back of the shirts.

When my ride to the bus station and I raced into the store I learned that letters were really, really expensive! I had to quickly decide to change the order to animals on the front of the shirts instead of a sentence – and madly beg to have the shirts completed on the spot. It was definitely not my finest moment!

However, having these awesome T-shirts is still a great reminder of our Kenya trip back in 2012.allisonplus003-family

Travel Back Thursday – Fragile

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We stopped at the 300-person town of Vik to have an ice cream cone and to wander on the top-10 beach! It wasn’t quite sun tanning weather, but I did take my hat off during the walk! 😉

More driving brought us to a town called Foss…or waterfall…which was quite fitting because of the number of falls coming off of the glacier above. The area here has been devastated by the Laki volcano when it was active hundreds of years ago. In 1783, the eruption caused 30 billion tons of lava to pour down the mountain and the sulphuric acid and other gasses that remained in the air for 10 months caused the “Haze Famine” and wiped out about 1/5 of the Icelandic population, crops, and livestock! The ground is, once again, covered in lava fields. This time there is a lot of new ash as well, from the eruption of Grimsvotn earlier this year. When we were driving down the highway, there was actually ash being blown across the road – just like snow would be back home!


Travel Back Thursday – Understanding

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The mosque in Abu Dhabi is huge. It can hold 40 000 worshipers at one time!! It is the eighth largest in the world. The building itself has 80 domes inspired from Indian architecture. Over 1000 pillars that are decorated with semi-precious stone inlays, and 24 carat tips that are covered with Italian glass for protection. The walls inside the foyer are covered in flowers that were made from different colours of marble from all over the world. The carpet in the main hall is the largest hand-made carpet in the world. There were over 1200 women working on it for 2 years to finish it!

The chandelier in the main hall is made up entirely of Swarovski crystals and is 15m high and weighs something like 5 tonnes. It was absolutely beautiful!! It had an entirely different feel than The Taj Mahal, but they look pretty similar!allison033-understanding

To do this tour, all the women had to get dressed up in the abaya and jilbab– the black dress and black head scarf. It was really cool to wear those for an hour to see what it would be like. They are not as hot as I thought they would be. Apparently they chose black because it was the color that could be the lightest weight without being see-through.